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Here in the Diocese of Sandhurst, the Catholic Education Office remains strongly committed to working with each school and parish community and the broader Catholic education community of Victoria in a spirit of co-responsibility. We continue to commit to shaping the culture, enhancing the performance and building the capacity in schools and the Catholic Education Office.

Parent Policies

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Parents Getting Involved

Parents play a major role as partners in the learning journey of their children and in the community of the school.parents

The aim of the Family Community Partnerships framework is to intentionally build
sustainable and effective partnerships between all members of the school community,
including school leaders, staff, families and students.

At its heart, family engagement is about relationships. Our teachers and support
staff make our families feel welcome, they listen and they honour the stories,
culture, traditions and relationships of the family and the community. Our
teachers connect families to what is happening in their classrooms; this is the
essential link – families having a voice in this learning partnership as we work
together to create positive attitudes to learning.

The VISION for our diocese for Family & Community Partnerships is:
Collaborative relationships enabling all students to thrive

This vision puts into words the commitment of school leaders to establish partnerships
built with trust and respect. This will look different in each school, but it is the small
things done well that are slowly built up over time and always reflect the needs and
culture of the school community.

Families are the first educators of their children and they continue to influence a
children’s learning and development during the school years and long afterwards.
This is why it is important for families and schools to work together in partnership.

Catholic School Parents Victoria

Catholic School Parents Australia

Students with a disability


Bendigo Office

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Tatura Office

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Wangaratta Office

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