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Welcome to 2022, my  hope and prayer for this year is that we make a positive difference in the lives of our young, we help each to see and strive to reach his or her potential, we seek to bring them to an understanding of the Divine. These are not simple aspirations; these are embedded at the heart of all we do and wish to be.

Our theme for 2022 is Tell the Good News: “Go out to all the world and tell the good news to all of creation.”  Mark 16:15

We take up this challenge knowing that God wants us to be preparing our young for tomorrow, that they be always learning, always open to new ideas and new possibilities filled with promise. As Catholic educators, we strive to be a community which seeks to nurture the best within one another and that all we are, all we do and all we seek to be must reflect the values embodied in the within the Good News of Jesus Christ.

As Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited moves deeper into a new phase of its life, it is important to remind ourselves of our motto and reflect upon what it means- Believe! Imagine! Serve! This is a beautiful reminder to us all that our Catholic Faith must be at the heart of all we do in our mission of education. Our focus in educating within the Catholic school always must be lively, outward looking, ever ready to serve, to uplift, to bring the other to the fore and never with any sense other than a desire to enhance and improve. This must be reinforced with contemporary practice and pedagogy in the core business of teaching and learning, while anchored by the rich teachings of our Faith.  We are people who believe in hope and we always strive to bring each within our care to their full potential

Here in the Diocese of Sandhurst, we continue to commit to shaping the culture, enhancing the performance and building the capacity in schools and the Catholic Education Office. We share the aspiration that our schools will be places of creativity and vibrant learning experiences, places where our young come to know and respect themselves and others and carry within them a spirit of the wonder and awesome possibilities of the world in which they live. 

Paul Desmond
Executive Director of Catholic Education Sandhurst

Catholic Education Sandhurst Theme 2022

The Catholic Education Sandhurst theme for 2022, “Tell the Good News".
The theme provides a focal point for celebrations, Masses and activities across the diocese.

CES Ltd 2022 Theme MEDIUM 100mm x 100mm Transparent


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