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Catholic Identity

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly."

This section of the ECSI webpage contains numerous helpful and informative videos, articles and presentations that have been presented by ECSI Team members from the Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies at KU Leuven over the years.

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Below you will find a number of videos from Professor Pollefeyt’s visit to Melbourne in 2013. They are also available on the CEVN website at


Technical  Videos
Theological Lectures 
 Interpreting Data Fiche

 Faith As Walking On Water

 Interpreting Results

 Part One

 Understanding Background Variables  Part Two 
 Interpreting Post Critical Belief Scale  Part Three 
 Interpreting Melbourne Scale  Part Four
 Interpreting the Victoria Scale   In-valuable Faith in Context
 Intercorrelations Part One
    Part Two
    Part Three
    Part Four
    Part Five



pdf Too Much Good is Bad - Pollefeyt (4.44 MB)

pdf The Tablet What Does Catholic Mean Today - Pollefeyt, D Bouwens, J (print version) copy (1.11 MB)

pdf Richardson - Dialogue more than a friendly chat (1.05 MB)

pdf Tertio Interview with Angelo Vincenzo Zani (834 KB)

pdf Lieven Boeve - The Shortest Definition of Religion (103 KB)

pdf Pollefeyt Bouwens - Dialogue as the Future Victorian Data Added (PFumei) May 2013 (1.05 MB)

pdf Pollefeyt Bouwens - PCB, Melb, Vict for dummies (EN) (1.11 MB)

pdf 12 Didier Pollefeyt - The Lustre of Life (September 2011, translated by CEOM) (88 KB)

pdf Catholic Dialogue Schools 2020 (9.12 MB)


  pdf Hermeneutical Learning In Religion - Pollefeyt (476 KB)

  pdf Exploring The Beliefs and Practice (621 KB)

  pdf 10 Characteristics of Prayer (2.70 MB)

  document Significance of Personal Prayer Life - Position Paper (40 KB)

  pdf Report on Recontextualising Pedagogies Report (694 KB)

  pdf Meta Analysis - Personal Prayer Life (4.17 MB)

  pdf Meta Analysis Report - Profile of Priests (4.45 MB)

These presentations are powerpoint presentations that have been converted into PDFs for you to download and use. 

pdf The Victoria Scale and the Catholic Dialogue School (7.64 MB)

pdf The Post-Critical Belief Scale - Cognitive belief styles as building blocks for Catholic school identity (11.41 MB)

pdf The Melbourne Scale - Recontextualisation of the Catholic Faith Tradition (12.56 MB)

pdf Pollefeyt - Positive and Negative Theology (8.14 MB)

pdf Pollefeyt - The human being as 'open hermeneutical space'. Hermeneutical Religious Education. (476 KB)

pdf Richards online intensive course - Theologically Normative Perspectives and Practical Implementations on the Application of Three ECSI Shifts in School Life (2.71 MB)

pdf Recontextualisation Tips on how to (not) secularise your school v2 1 (12.22 MB)

pdf Lecture 1 Faith as walking on water v1 0 VERTOOND (10.60 MB)

pdf Lecture 2 In valuable faith in context v1 0 VERTOOND (16.27 MB)

pdf On forgiveness and reconciliation v1 4 (9.73 MB)

pdf Interreligious Dialogue beyond absolutism, relativism and particularism v1 3 (8.38 MB)

pdf Jesus @ The Movies v1 5v (8.06 MB)

pdf Bible fatigue and Biblical Didactics v6 31 (24.24 MB)

pdf Faith education of children 1 6 (27.98 MB)


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