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Catholic Identity

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly."

The 2023 Theme for Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited is " Let the words you speak always be full of grace." (Colossians 4:6)

This year, through the 2023 theme, you are invited to “let the words you speak always be full of grace” which continues to draw on the 2022 theme of “Tell the Good News” in which we have been challenged to go out and share the good news of the gospel. The theme comes from Colossians 4:6 and is drawn from a longer piece of scripture that encourages us to walk with wisdom and courage for the common good. Here we find an overarching concept for this theme which is Dialogue. 

To let your speech be full of grace and seasoned with salt is to speak the truth in love, by being mindful that words have the power to break or connect communities. 

2023 Theme Reflection by Maria Ford - pdf click here (21 KB)

Sandhurst opening school liturgy Powerpoint 2023 Theme -  document click here (12.09 MB)

Library Learning Centre Resources -  pdf click here (1.14 MB)

2022 - 2023 "Make Kindness The Norm" Calender for Schools -  pdf click here (12.00 MB)

2023 Theme "Let the words you speak always be full of grace" Powerpoint presentation PDF -  pdf click here (149 KB)

2023 Theme Communication Matters article -  document click here (7 KB)

Leunig Dialogue -  document click here (1.10 MB)

2023 theme - Useful quotes -  document click here (213 KB)

2023 theme - Useful Scripture references -  document click here (6 KB)

'Along The Track' resources -  archive click here (1.02 MB)


Music suggestions for 2023 Theme "Let the words you speak be full of grace".

video Always full of grace (12.55 MB)

video 2023 theme - Ancient Words (14.60 MB)

'Let the words you speak' Michelle Hicks, Andrew Chinn and Drew Lane

'And so' Kirtana


2023 Theme Suggested Readings

Michael Himes -  pdf 'Doing the Truth in Love', Chapter 2 (1.77 MB)

Dider Pollefeyt and Jan Bouwens -  pdf 'Dialogue as the Future' (1.05 MB)  (a review of this document can be found pdf here (43 KB) )

Chris Richardson -  pdf 'Dialogue: more than just a friendly chat' (1.05 MB)




The 2022 Theme for Catholic Education Sandhurst limited is "Tell the good news"

This is related to a longer quote from Mark's Gospel 16:15 “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation”. This theme follows on from themes of listening to what the Spirit is asking of us and faith in our future. It also aligns with the theme of Catholic Youth Day "Stand Up".

I am excited about our theme for this year “Tell the Good News” this theme follows on from previous years. After listening to the Spirit, reflecting on the good news and affirming our faith in the future we are challenged to share this good news with others.

If we think “but what can one person do?” we can look to St Paul who brought the good news of Jesus Christ and a vision for bringing Gods kingdom on earth. Without the benefit of modern communications or transport Paul brought the good news to the gentiles and then supported the communities he had visited.

map of Paul

What is the Good News? God is love so beautifully expressed in Maria Ford’s song “Tell the good news”. This knowledge of the good news impacts all our relationships and the way we live and communicate with each other. It challenges religious education teachers to engage in dialogue and lead Christian conversations but as St Francis of Assisi said “Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary use words”. This emphasizes the importance of teachers as “witnesses, specialists and moderators”(Didier Pollefeyt).

“Telling the good news was and is the mission of Jesus and as the synoptic Gospels each record in their own way Jesus last action was to commission us to do the same” (Kevin Lawlor).

 The good news is for all creation. The importance of caring for creation is not new but is often forgotten.  Our care for creation comes from respect for the creator not just a selfish response to need. “Suddenly we realize, of course, that God is not “out there,” but God is in all, through all, and with all” (Richard Rohr).

Don’t be shy. If you have experienced Jesus Christ in your life share that relationship with your community.

The Catholic Identity Team will be gathering resources and placing them in this tile in the Catholic Identity Website.



Other Music Suggestions can be found at the following link

  document Music Suggestions 2022 (45 KB)

Opening School Liturgy 2022

 Presentation -  document Powerpoint (7.15 MB) or  default Keynote (9.03 MB)  or Google Slides

Library Learning Centre- CES Theme 2022 - Tell the Good News 

Please CLICK HERE to view a list of resources available at the Library
Learning Centre. We will add to the list any new resources that become
available throughout the year.
Sandhurst Catholic school teachers are welcome to email the library
team for resources to be sent to you.
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The 2021 Theme for Catholic Education, Sandhurst is 'Faith in Our Future'.

The following documents will help you to understand and promote the Theme in your school.

 Useful Resources 'Along the Track' Resources Logo

document CES Theme 2021 Faith in Our Future (80 KB)


  pdf Is there anything left in which we can all believe July 30 2019 (160 KB)

  pdf Spiders that Sail June 2020 (130 KB)

  pdf We Are Guardians of the Future (160 KB)

  pdf Insights, Not Just Sights July 2019 (176 KB)  



 Celebrating 200 Years of Catholic Education "Faith in The Future" Website

200 years





Other suitable songs

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