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Catholic Identity

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly."

The Catholic Education Sandhurst Social Justice Reference Group (SJRG) has a mandate to ensure our schools respond to this mission of Jesus for all by ensuring regular social justice activities are conducted at diocesan and local levels. These activities need to be clearly grounded in a well-developed understanding of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, particularly showing respect and compassion for the dignity of all humankind.

The purposes of the SJRG are:

  • To provide a space for social justice initiatives to be generated and discerned for proposed common applications in schools throughout the diocese.
  • To collect and map key social justice initiatives throughout the diocese to ensure a common voice and clear message.
  • To convene an annual gathering of school social justice leaders (staff and students) so that they can share ideas and receive professional support.

The Social Justice Reference Group meets twice per year.

Membership of the SJRG will be inclusive of:

  • Primary Teachers
  • Secondary Teachers
  • CEO RE Team
  • Diocesan Caritas/Justice Coordinator
  • CEO Indigenous Education Officer or nominated proxy
  • 2 secondary students

It is desirable that membership represents a geographical cross section of the diocese.                                                                                                                                                                                                Homeless Jesus Rome

The current members of the team are:

David Walker (Chair),
Rob Walker,
Jacqui Partington,
Kerry Stone,     
Ruth Bakogianis,
Colleen Hampson,
Louise Levy,
Michael Goss,
Mallory Thompson,
2 SMOTA Student Social Justice Leaders

2.0 Belief Statements

Awareness raising, action for solidarity, advocacy and action for change are the principles which inform and guide an interdependent approach to social justice initiatives and programs.



We believe:

  • that knowledge and understanding of justice is the first step towards acting for justice
  • in education to understand the Gospel call to justice
  • in education to understand the principles of Catholic Social Teaching
  • that prayer and reflection nurture and inform our striving for justice


SolidarityBegging Jesus

We believe:

  • in the dignity of every person and in the sacredness of all creation and that these constantly call us into right relationship
  • that we are called to an attitude which stands in solidarity with the poor and vulnerable (including our earth)
  • that opportunities to identify with the poor and vulnerable through particular experiences move us towards justice actions.


We believe:

  • that the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching call us to advocate for change, challenging self, others and community structures.
  • that we are called to advance the cause of justice in every instance
  • that in the spirit of the prophets we are called to a critique of the society in which we live, in order to overcome all unjust structures


We believe:

  • that the Gospel calls us to “action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world” (1971 Bishops Synod)
  • in fostering co-operative partnerships for the work of justice
  • that action for justice is defined by action to change the causes of poverty, oppression or injustice

 These principles can be found in the Charter for the SJRG - document click here (63 KB)

The CES Guidelines for Fundraising in Sandhurst Catholic Schools can be found here - pdf Guidelines (900 KB)

Please find templates (primary and secondary) to assist you in your yearly planning of social justice and fundraising activities. These include reminders of important dates and the diocesan guidelines for fundraising which support Catholic agencies and deal with other requests for support.

  document Primary (82 KB)

  document Secondary (82 KB)

The SJRG 2022 Annual Action Plan can be found here -  document Click Here (795 KB)

Minutes of recent SJRG meetings:


pdf  7 June 2022 (38 KB)