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Catholic Identity

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly."


The Principles of Catholic Social Teaching are:

  Principle One: Human Dignity 1.png   Principle One: Human Dignity 1.png
 Principle Two: Common Good 2.png  Principle Two: Common Good 2.png
  Principle Three: Solidarity 3.png   Principle Three: Solidarity 3.png
 Principle Four: Subsidiarity 4.png   Principle Four: Subsidiarity 4.png
 Principle Five: Preferential Option for the Poor 5.png   Principle Five: Preferential Option for the Poor 5.png
 Principle Six: Care of Creation  6.png   Principle Six: Care of Creation 6.png
 Principle Seven: Participation 7.png   Principle Seven: Participation 7.png
 All Principles Poster  AllPrinciples   All Principles Poster AllPrinciples
 From Charity to Justice Charity-Justice.png  From Charity to Justice Charity-Justice.png