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Catholic Identity

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly."

 Justice Matters Camp

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Planning is well under way for our eighteenth annual Diocesan “Justice Matters” Justice & Leadership Camp, involving CEO staff, Caritas personnel, external presenters and educators with a passion for social justice. This is an extraordinary Sandhurst tradition which is the envy of many other dioceses.

The theme for this year is “For the Future". Our key focus this year will be environmental as our facilitator will be Ms Romina Martiniello who returns having made a strong impression on many of our students during our camp last year. Justice Matters will encourage student leadership and action in the critical Catholic Identity areas of social justice and care of creation, as well as develop networks among both students and staff. See details in the letter below

  pdf CES Ltd LETTER to Principals Justice Matters Camp (260321) (407 KB)

Poster for Justice Matters Camp - 2022


Immersions Ethical Consideration:

As members of a Church concerned for the wellbeing of all, the Diocese of Sandhurst and schools within the Diocese regularly engage in social justice actions and awareness raising activities with the aim of creating a more socially just world.

Actions taken by schools to help create a more socially just world might include things such as:

  • Education about the historical and contemporary factors that cause inequity & oppression
  • Education about ethical global citizenship & what this entails
  • Awareness raising through targeted activities – e.g. Project Compassion activities, White Ribbon Day
  • Fundraising e.g. St Vincent de Paul, Caritas
  • Raising funds for religious orders who work in communities both locally & overseas
  • Living responsibly by purchasing ethically sourced products e.g. avoiding products made through slave or indentured labour
  • Lobbying governments through letter writing
  • Immersion experiences

This document is specifically designed for use when planning and participating in social justice immersions. - pdf  Immersions Ethical Considerations (2.18 MB)

Just Visiting:

Caritas Australia works to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity because we believe it is a necessary response to the Gospel call of Jesus. This response is central to our faith, and is also central to every Australian Catholic school’s identity. Our response to the complex issues and situations we and our students will face as people of faith, must be rooted in love and a deep respect for human dignity. This service has long been understood an integral aspect of living our faith.

This document uses Catholic Social Teaching to inform reflective practice in School Immersions - pdf Just Visiting (6.42 MB)

Just Leadership Days

Refugee Week 

 'As God’s children who believe in Jesus’ way of love and compassion, we pray for all those who have been forced from their home and those who are in need of protection. We also pray in a special way for the leaders of our country, that they will be fair and just in responding to the needs of the Refugees and Asylum seekers who have come to this country, and in demonstrating to them what it truly means to be Australian by giving them a “fair go”.'

Please find the resources you need for Refugee Week 2022.

pdf Catholic Social Teaching on Refugees and Asylum Seekers (170 KB)

document RESOURCES Refugee Week 2022 (280 KB)

pdf RCOA Refugee Myths and Facts 2022 (857 KB)

document Letter writing re Asylum Seekers schools (34 KB)

SMOTA Poster

Thanks to SMOTA for this fantastic Refugee Week Poster