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Teaching in a Catholic School

It is vital for the effectiveness of the Catholic school community that all members understand the distinctive purpose and mission of Catholic schools. Principals and teachers need therefore to be accredited to teach in a Catholic school. In pursuing accreditation to teach in a Catholic school, staff will develop a deeper understanding not only of the nature of the school as part of the Church’s mission but also of their roles as members of staff. It is expected that accreditation requirements will be met within five years of beginning teaching in a Catholic school in Victoria.

There are two categories of accreditation:

Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School - for secondary teachers not teaching RE and specialist primary teachers not teaching in the classroom

Accreditation to Teach Religious Education in a Catholic School - for secondary Religious Education teachers and all primary classroom teachers.

Registration as a teacher in Victoria

All teachers in Victoria must hold current teacher registration through the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) whether you work in the Catholic, government or independent sector. The VIT’s role is to maintain high standards of professional practice for teacher registered in Victoria and to support teachers to meet those standards.

For more information, visit the VIT website

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